Nowadays an Apple iphone can do most of the things a regular computer can, maybe even better than a computer. With the release of better cameras with the Pro versions of the iphones, content creators and vloggers have resorted to using just the iphone to come up with amazing photos and videos. In order to create video clips or vlogs, you need video editing apps in addition to the in-built video editing capabilities of the iphone. Here are our top 5 picks for video editing apps for iphone.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Rating: 4.8/5
App Store Link: 


Adobe Premiere Rush is a cross-platform video editing app available for both iOS and Android users. It mainly focuses on letting the users process video clips quickly and upload to social media by automatically converting the video to the specific aspect ratio and quality level required by the respective platform. This makes creating videos and sharing them a breeze for the content creators and vloggers. This also supports editing and sharing 4K videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush is fairly easy to use and is great for both amateurs and professionals to edit videos with the iphone. There is a paid Pro version as well as a Adobe Creative Cloud Express version that unlocks more premium features. With the upgrades you will be able to sync the videos and pictures you edit using the app between your phone and your desktop. 


Price: Free (in-app purchases)
Rating: 4.9/5
App Store Link:


GoPro Quik: Video Editor, or more commonly known as Quik, is another feature-rich video editing app for iPhones. Developed by GoPro, Quik supports video footage shot on iPhone and Android phones as well as GoPro action camera, and provides various options for content creators.

Some cool features that come with Quik are slo-mo and automatic audio detection in video clips. Quik provides the basic features of a video editing app such as rotate, trim, zoom, reorder videos, add background music, themes and transitions, graphics, etc. In addition to that, Quik is ideal for editing action photography and videos as it offers advanced elements like Smart Cut tool and GPS Sticker.


Price: $29.99
Rating: 4.6/5
App Store Link:


LumaFusion is a paid app available for Apple iPhone users, which is immensely popular among journalists and professional video producers, as well as YouTubers and content creators. There are so many features packed into this app that makes it worth every penny spent on it. The user interface is similar to Final Cut Pro, easy to navigate, clear, and ad-free. 

LumaFusion comes with a number of video aspect ratios to support different video sharing platforms, and makes switching between modes when editing videos easy. In addition to that, it allows users to edit videos with transitions, effects, royalty-free tracks to set as background music, and layer effects. 

The latest feature added to LumaFusion is the MultiCam Sync feature, which lets you sync and edit videos and audio clips from multiple sources. All of this makes LumaFusion a professional-grade video editing app to have on your iPhone.

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Price: Free
Rating: 4.1/5
App Store Link:


iMovie is the video editing app from Apple’s own suite of iOS products. iMovie provides the basic video editing tools you need when using the iPhone to create video clips. You can import photos and videos shot from the iPhone to the app and edit them as a project by trimming, adding filters, basic transitions, and themes. And as a plus point for iOS users, iMovie has the significant user interface that comes as part and parcel of Apple devices.

iMovie also lets you add overlays with text to video clips as well, in addition to a small collection of audio effects and music. But if you require advanced features like Final Cut Pro or LumaFusion, iMovie might not be the best app for video editing since it only offers minimal features.


Price: Free (in-app purchases)
Rating: 4.7/5
App Store Link:


KineMaster Video Editor is considered to be one of the best video editing apps for iPhones. It offers professional level editing tools with an easy-to-use user interface. Like most video editing apps, it supports square, portrait, and landscape video formats so users can use KineMaster to create videos for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or any preferred social media platform. The best part is, even the free version is ad-free.

Another cool feature KineMaster has is the Multi-Track Timeline, which supports adding more than one video and audio track at a time. In addition to that, Auto Audio Ducking, time-lapse, keyframe animation are only a few of the numerous things available on KineMaster.

KineMaster is free to use, but with a premium subscription, you can unlock even more features. Premium subscription removes watermark and gives the users unlimited access to the Asset Store, which is the KineMaster’s library of effects, stickers, transitions, fonts, music, and many more.


These are only a few of the best video editing apps for iPhones. If you need to create ingenious video clips for social media without using any advanced or expensive gear, these apps might come in handy for editing your content directly from your iPhone. Also check out our xvideo studio app if you found this article interesting!

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